Lin Li

About Lin Li

Realtor, CIAS.
After joined Beyond the Move Realty in 2012, I enjoy watching Austin grow and participate selling it. I LOVE to help people understand the market, the community and the life they want to choose. I am always fascinated by high-tech gears to stay on the fast lane. Yes, Austin is HOT!

As a native Chinese, I’ve been living in the US for more than 13 years. I earned an MBA degree on Supply Chain Management from NC State University. I have solid experience in customer service and international marketing. I speak English, Mandarin and Japanese. Learning foreign languages is a great way to understand the different cultures, and makes me enjoy developing various people skills.

I live in Southwest Austin with my two lovely young children and a great husband. I love all activities that my family can do together. In my very limited spare time, I also enjoy piano, gardening, sewing, photography and travel.